Ayurveda is a 5000+ years old health science originating from India. According to the ancient holistic health science of Ayurveda, five elements i.e. Earth, Air, Fire, Water & Ether form the  building blocks of nature. From 3 different combinations of five elements, three bio-energies - Vata, Pitta & Kapha are derived which are powerhouse and the source of human life. Each human being has a unique mix of the three energies that defines their individual physical and emotional characteristics. A balance among all elements results in a healthy mind and body and an imbalance results in manifestation of various diseases. For a healthy individual, Ayurveda aims at maintaining a harmonic balance between all five elements and proactively avoid all future possible diseases. For those with an existing health condition, Ayurveda has effective natural methods to reduce, reverse, heal and cure majority of hereditary and lifestyle related chronic issues.

our packages
1 hour
refresh & relax package

Spare 60 minutes out of your busy schedule for a great mind, body and soul experience.
1 day
detox & rejuvenate package

Enjoy a 1 day get away into the nature to unwind. This package is tailored to help you understand your mind-body constitution, experience Ayurveda therapies, and enjoy healthy Ayurvedic food.
1 weekend
cleanse & reset package

Spend a weekend with us for a full immersion Ayurveda experience. With 6 personalized Ayurveda therapies and a wholesome mono diet we will help you detox & nourish your system and restore balance among your bio-energies. An ideal package to experience panchakarma therapies in a short time.
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