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panchakarma detox
Cleanse & Reset Ayurveda Package Mayur T

Looking for a complete transformation ? Experience a deep cleansing over a period of 7 days with 14 therapies, personalized assessments, educational session, yoga, meditation, and mono diet at our retreat space nestled in the calm and serene forest of Tulum. 

Your 6 Night / 7 Day Package Includes

Ayurveda Lifestyle Consultation

14 Ayurveda Therapies

2 Educational Sessions

Yoga & Meditation

Ayurvedic Meals & Herbal Teas


Free Transportation from Tulum

Top 3 Health Benefits 


Deep Cellular Detox 

Due to stress, natural pollutants, and poor lifestyle decisions our body accumulates toxins which results in imbalance between doshas (bio-energies) leading to poor physical and mental health and exposure to various diseases. By clearing body of toxins, Panchakarma puts an end to this degenerative process so that your mind is at ease, your emotions are calm and you are healthy and happy.     


Immunity Boost

Colon cleansing through various methods is one of the key focus points during Panchakarma procedure, you will have a light, healthy and nutritious diet to calm and detoxify your digestive system which improves digestive agni reduces accumulation of toxins and strengthens immunity.


Personal Wellness Routine

Your unique constitution makes you different. To meet the needs of your body, we will design an effective exercise schedule, nutritional recommendation, and daily regimen to help you lead a healthy lifestyle.

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frequently asked questions

When can I book my Ayurvedic cleanse & reset weekend package ?

It would be ideal to have 2 set of dates in mind when you fill-in booking form. In case we don't have availability for the first set of dates we can look into second set of dates or suggest alternative dates. Once availability is identified, you will receive a confirmation e-mail to finalize your booking.     

What therapies will I get during my program ?

A therapy program is developed after prior consultation with a qualified Ayurveda physician.   

How will a day look like during the program ?

We have prepared a sample schedule for your reference. However, please keep in mind that actual schedule may slightly vary.

What do I wear for my Ayurveda therapy ?

We will provide disposable wear for therapies. However as we use warm oil for therapies we suggest you carry extra set of old clothes that you don't mind getting stained.


What additional information would you need from me ?

Please advise us of prior physical injuries or health issues, if any. 

Who should avoid Panchakarma program ?

There may be limitations if you are experiencing fever, menstruating heavily or pregnant. Hence it is best advised to let us know in advance and we can schedule a consultation with our physician to make a personalized therapy plan or alternatives for you.   

How can I avail my free transportation in Tulum ?

Your package includes complimentary transportation from city and pick-up point is Super Aki in Tulum.

Can I cancel or reschedule ?

Yes, you can cancel or reschedule as long as it is at least 3 days prior. Else 30% cancellation fee will apply. 

What is your 100% refund policy ? 

If you are unsatisfied with the experience, we will return 100% of your money. No questions asked.

Sample Itinerary 

6:00 AM Wake-up

6:30 AM Morning Tea

7:00 AM Yoga & Meditation

8:00 AM Therapy 1

9:30 AM Breakfast

10:30 AM Rest

11:30 AM Personalized Assessment

12:00 PM Rest

1:30 PM Lunch

2:30 PM Therapy 2

4:00 PM Evening Tea

6:00 PM Activity

7:00 PM Dinner

8:00 PM Bedtime