pitta bio-energy

Constituent Elements: Fire & Water

In Sanskrit, Pitta refers to Fire. Just like we use fire to cook our food, all functions related to digestion, absorption and assimilation of ingested food in our body are attributed to Pitta bio-energy. Out of the 3 bio-energies, Pitta is is the only one that is hot. It is concentrated in the small intestine, between stomach and large intestine.

Pitta Personality Traits

If Pitta is your dominant energy, You are a natural leader and possess the power to transform lives. You are an excellent orator and have a powerful intellect. Once you put your mind onto something, you exercise all your focus, courage, and energy to get it done and done with efficiency. You make friends easily with your warm and welcoming nature and your enemies fear you. Pitta qualities are hot, light, intense, penetrating, pungent, sharp, acidic. Being a pitta dominant personality, you exhibit same qualities in your physical appearance and temperament. You have a medium frame, moderate weight, lustrous but somewhat oily skin, yellowish teeth, sharp features, precise memory, warm body temperature and a strong digestion and sex drive.

Your Strengths: Sharp-Witted, Outspoken, Determined, Competitive, Ambitious, Energetic

When pitta dosha is aggravated you can become overly intense, engage in arguments, become short-tempered and experience diarrhea, infections, skin rashes, excessive thirst & weakness in liver and spleen. You will also be challenged by heated emotions such as anger, resentment and jealousy. If left unaddressed, imbalanced Pitta can further manifest into various chronic issues such as ulcer, bleeding disorders, skin diseases, indigestion, heartburn etc.

Your Weakness: Short-Tempered, Argumentative, Angry, Frustrated, Controlling, Judgemental

Pitta aggravating activities:

When Pitta element becomes in excess , it is referred to as Pitta aggravation or imbalance. Following lifestyle habits can cause Pitta aggravation:

  • Over-consumption of salty, sour and pungent foods

  • Engaging in high intensity workouts

  • Taking up too many responsibilities and deadlines causing unnecessary stress

  • Skipping meals


Ayurveda guidelines to keep Pitta in balance: 

You possess fire like qualities that translate to oily, sharp, hot, light, fleshy, spreading and liquid, and salty, sour and pungent in taste. Above mentioned habits add to the existing Pitta and further increase its proportion, causing Pitta aggravation. However, making food and lifestyle choices that have the opposite effect such as rough, dull, cold, heavy, static, hard, dry, and bitter, astringent and sweet in taste are recommended to maintain balance and pacify aggravated pitta.

​​Your health mantra: “Feed your inner fire but keep your cool”

Suggested Ayurveda lifestyle for individuals with dominant Pitta :

  • Do not skip meals if you want to avoid fits of anger or rage. Have a fruit/snack to address hunger urge. 

  • Regularly massage yourself with oils that have a cooling effect on the body such as coconut, rose, and sandalwood. Massaging for a few minutes before shower is an easy way to integrate this activity in your routine. 

  • Work hard but do not create unnecessary deadlines for yourself.

  • Prioritize daily self-care in your daily busy schedule.

  • Let loose, spend time in nature. Take a mini vacation every now and then to relax and decompress. Walk under cooling moonlight for added benefits. 

  • Wear loose clothes made with natural materials such as cotton to regulate your body temperature. 

  • Install plants and fresh flowers in your home/office.

Suggested physical and mental activities:

  • Engage in hobbies with moderate exertion such as swimming, jogging, dancing, cross-fit, bootcamps, Yin yoga, pilates etc. 

  • Unless you professionally play to compete, keep those volleyball, basketball and tennis matches friendly.

  • Avoid working out during the hottest time of the day or doing exercises that involve being in hot and humid temperatures such as hot yoga.

  • Breath meditation techniques are excellent to reset your mind and put it in a tranquil state.


Nutritional guidelines for Pitta: 

  • Prefer cooking oils that promote cooling such as olive, sunflower and coconut over oils that promote heating such as sesame, sunflower and corn oils. 

  • Similarly eat vegetables that cause a cooling effect in the body such as cucumber, asparagus, broccoli, zucchini, potatoes, cauliflower, broccoli, pumpkin etc. over vegetables that cause heating effects such as eggplant, onion, garlic, hot peppers, spinach etc. 

  • Stick to sweeter fruits such as mango, pineapple, melon, grapes, cherry, orange etc. avoid sour fruits such as grapefruit, apricot etc. 

  • Prefer wheat, rice, oats, barley over corn, rye, millet and brown rice. 

  • Minimize consumption of yogurt, sour cream and cheese. 

  • Minimize consumption of spicy food. Chilli pepper and cayenne pepper are best avoided.

  • If you consume meat, avoid beef, seafood and eggs. 

  • Consume fennel seeds post meals to cool down stomach acid.


Disclaimer: The information on this page is intended for your educational use only. Many other variables that are considered before prescribing a specific Ayurveda remedy. A detailed prakriti and pathological analysis with a qualified Ayurveda physician is necessary before taking up an Ayurveda lifestyle, medication or program.

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