Let go of anything that doesn't serve you

Ideal for individuals, couples, friends, & families

​​Temazcal - commonly referred as a sweat lodge is an ancient system of detoxification and purification of the mind and body.


Top 3 benefits of Temazcal ceremony



The steam generated by pouring herb infused water over volcanic rocks causes your body to sweat and release trapped toxins. It also helps increase physical and mental endurance, cleanse respiratory system, clear skin blockages, speed muscle recovery, reduce bloating, increase blood flow, and aid weight loss.

Emotional Release

We hold on to emotions for various reasons which causes adverse affects on our physical and mental health.One specific round of the ceremony is meant to help you release what you are holding within and become emotionally lighter.


Experience Ancient Mayan Tradition

  Temazcal ceremony has been organized for hundereds of years for various reasons such as marriage, birth, preparation or retreat from a war, cleansing and purification. At Mayur Tulum, you can experience authentic Temazcal ceremony guided by Tulum's renowned temazcaleros in a pristine jungle setting.

Fact: We used 100% wood and coconut concrete to construct our temazcal and embedded various quartz, crystals and stones throughout to radiate and channelize energy flow.

your TEMAZCAL ceremony

We will start by a pre-ceremony energy cleansing session, use plant medicines during different stages (doors), and end it with a cold shower and a refreshing dip in the pool.

your ceremony includes

Private ceremony for 2 to 6 people

Fresh fruit platter

Towels & Shower

Unlimited pool time

Complimentary pickup and drop-off from Super Aki in Tulum

Add-on - 1 (optional)

Elevate your Temazcal experience with a massage

Ideal for couples or individuals looking for deep detox


60 minute massage session before or after Temazcal ceremony

* Extra charges apply

add-on - 2
Sound Bath (optional)

Synchronize your frequency


60 minute sound alignment before or after Temazcal ceremony

* Extra charges apply

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