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What is a Temazcal ceremony ?

​​Commonly referred to as a sweat lodge, Temazcal is pre-hispanic system of detoxification and purification of the mind, body & spirit. Temazcal ceremony has been organized for various reasons such as marriage, birth, preparation or retreat from a war, and most commonly for cleansing and purification. 


Did you know ?

The igloo like structure of a Temazcal represents mother's womb and the ritual signifies return of oneself to the womb to disconnect with the outer world and re-connect with the inner-self.

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Top 3 benefits of temazcal 


During different stages of the ceremony, you sweat and release trapped toxins. The ceremony also helps clear skin blockages, reduce bloating, increase physical and mental endurance, speed muscle recovery, increase blood flow, and aid weight loss.

Cleanse Respiratory System

Inhaling steam infused with medicinal herbs helps alleviate symptoms related with colds, asthma, bronchitis, & sinusitis.

Emotional Release

We hold on to emotions for various reasons which causes adverse affects on our physical and mental health. One specific round of the ceremony is meant to help release what you are holding within and become emotionally lighter.

WHAT your ceremony includes

Private ceremony for up to 6 people

Juice and fresh fruit platter

Towels & shower

Unlimited pool time

Complimentary pickup and drop-off from Super Aki in Tulum

Get a great experience or get a 100% refund

frequently asked questions

When can I book my ceremony ?

Our schedule is online and you can book your ceremony as early as you want. However, if you are planning to book the same day or within next 24 hours, please contact us at reservation@mayurtulum.com before booking.   

Where will my ceremony take place ?

Your ceremony will be held at Mayur Tulum by an experienced temazcalero in a pristine jungle setting. 

How long does Temazcal ceremony last ?

Your entire experience from start to finish will last for up to 90 minutes. 

What do I wear for my ceremony ?

Please wear swim shorts/bikini for ceremony and carry a set of dry clothes to change after ceremony. Please avoid wearing any jewellery items during the ceremony.


How hot does it get inside Temazcal ?

Depending upon various circumstances, temperature can vary between 30 to 40 degree celsius. 

How do I prepare to make the best of my Temazcal ceremony ?

Avoid consumption of alcohol at least 24 hours before the ceremony, eat light and stay hydrated.

Can I cancel or reschedule ?

Yes, you can cancel or reschedule as long as it is at least 24 hours prior to your scheduled ceremony time. 

What is 100% refund policy ? 

If you are unsatisfied with the experience, we will return 100% of your money.